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About us

For over 30 years we have been developing products for the prevention and treatment of heart disease. Thanks to an international network and presence in over 80 countries around the world, we are committed to providing the best Italian technology in the medical field.

chi siamo


Considered a top-level company, Progetti Srl was founded in Milan in 1991 by the will of Manager Cesare Mangone, a chemist and international expert in Management in the medical sector.
The company immediately wants to breathe international air, influenced by its founder, currently president of the group, organizes a network of distributors all over the world to export its Made in Italy.
Today Progetti Srl has its headquarters on the outskirts of Turin; It is the only Italian company to develop and produce defibrillators and one of the major players in the medical sector worldwide.


The development, technology, and design of each of our products are the result of the combination of scientific excellence and Italian creativity.


Our international network and presence in over 60 countries worldwide allow us to offer you reliable and high-quality products and solutions.


For decades, our instruments have been used by healthcare professionals around the world, designed and manufactured with the utmost care and the best technology.


For over 25 years we have been developing products for preventing and treating heart disease. Our experience guarantees you the best Italian technology in the medical field.


We support our customers in everyday life, developing with and for them customized solutions for every single need.


We look to the future with enthusiasm and determination to create innovative tools that are closer to the needs of users and become the ideal partner in case of emergency.


Companies can create products for their own sake. Progetti srl in each of its products wants to give a solution, create tools that can save lives, and facilitate the work of health personnel.

Collaborate with us

We are always looking for new talents. From production to marketing, there are many job opportunities.


"We could just give products. We are committed to doing more, creating solutions"


We believe in research

Guaranteeing the best products on the market means pursuing new and surprising results through research: sometimes it means improving existing products by making them more performing and faster, other times it means placing a new device on the market starting from the needs of customers, rescuers and the market.