Rescue Sam 4.0


The Rescue Sam 4.0 defibrillator was born from the idea of making not only rescue but also secondary operations such as updating and data management easier and more accessible to everyone.

RESCUE SAM 4.0 offers you:
– An intelligent periodic control system that performs various tests to ensure perfect functioning
– Internal battery memory to optimize consumption and always be ready for use
– Plate compartment, to have them always on the device in any situation
– Updates in a more immediate and simple way thanks to USB or Bluetooth connection
– Maximum autonomy at maximum power: 20 hours of autonomy and 200 discharges at maximum energy, to stay by your side always and everywhere
– Only 2 buttons to simplify the entire rescue operation

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Inside the box


Non-rechargable long-lasting battery

Disposable adult plates

User manual

Field of use

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In the street or in critical care units, decisions must be made in a matter of minutes. We create products and solutions to address the most complex hospital and non-hospital emergencies.


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